How do I have the best Halloween Wedding?

09 October 2019

A Halloween wedding can often raise as many queries as it does opportunities. Getting married in the final third of the year can open more options than peak season and allow you to truly celebrate the changing of the seasons with friends and family. Deciding how much Halloween to incorporate into your day can be a challenge but, with a little good judgment, you can keep the class, bring some scary fun, and have photographs you can look back on with pride. Starting with

Candlelight: One of the biggest draws for the season is the lure of candlelight, which can look ominous in a haunted mansion or gorgeous when used to illuminate a table. Talking with your provider can help you agree a lighting scheme that gives your day that sumptuous gothic look that’s so difficult to replicate.

Go autumnal: While Halloween themes can be tempting, deciding to embrace the colours of the season can produce stunning results. Going for gilt golds, burnt umbers, and rich reds can provide a stunning complement to your design – with matching pendant earrings with semi-precious stones letting you look stunning and give you a piece to commemorate your special day and the time of year.

Antique Style: Baroque beauty is a classic staple of Halloween cinema, and channelling your Morticia or Gomez Addams can pay off brilliantly. Finding the right piece of vintage jewellery can work to complement your design and design, whether it’s a gorgeous diamond necklace or diamond-studded tie pin. Alternatively, our in-house team would be more than happy to help draft the perfect matching bespoke piece for the both of you, letting you get hitched in confident style.

Small changes: To be clear, we’re sorry to say that asking your guests to come in costume will never end well…but little nods can be enough. Asking guests to wear small lapel pins or brooches to commemorate the season can prove popular, especially if they complement your table names or settings. Add in a scary dress-up box for the adults and a spooky pinata for the kids, and you can bring a sense of the season to your big day without overwhelming it entirely.

If you want to learn more about vintage jewellery or fashion your own bespoke piece, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with one of our jewellery boutiques. Or if you have questions or queries that cannot wait, feel free to contact us directly and let us know exactly what you need for a perfect wedding day.