Antique & Preowned Jewellery

26 May 2018

There is something truly special about vintage diamonds. Unlike modern jewellery, every piece of antique and preowned diamond jewellery is completely unique. Before machine-cut diamonds became a reality, each and every stone was hand cut by master craftsmen, resulting in one of a kind items that hark back to another era. As a result, each piece tells its own story – adding a sense of drama, history and timeless romance to a simple diamond bracelet or brooch. 

Antique diamonds never go out of fashion. They are a living testament to the longevity and peerless beauty of these luminescent stones, and a tribute to the enormous skills of the goldsmiths and gemmologists of the past.

Whether you are looking for an uncut diamond, a rare setting, or an intricately detailed necklace, you will find it in our dazzling collection of antique and preowned jewellery.

Our Diamond Experts are always on hand to help you find a piece of diamond jewellery that is unlike anything else that you will find in any jewellery store today.

Visit one of our Hatton Garden Jewellers Group boutiques to view our stunning array of vintage jewellery and give one of our preowned diamonds a brand new home.