Hatton Garden Engagement Rings

11 September 2019

The Best Hatton Garden Engagement Rings

Picking out the perfect engagement ring is a special task. There are so many variables to consider – design, durability, size, colour and, of course, price. With dazzling diamonds and sparkling settings, we have an enormous selection of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from. And we can help you narrow down your search until you find the perfect ring.

For an eye-catching, glittering finish, consider a solitaire diamond engagement ring in an icy white colour. For extra sparkle, opt for a cluster diamond ring, where a central stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds or coloured gems.

Choose a white gold or platinum band for an elegant, minimalist look, or go for the vintage style by choosing antique rose gold or yellow gold instead. Then finish off the ring with a classic claw setting or a modern style.

hatton garden engagement rings

All of our engagement rings will look stunning on their own, or when worn alongside a wedding ring. We can advise you on which band will work with which diamond ring, and we can even customise your wedding band to match the contours of your engagement ring.

Of course, choosing the right diamond engagement ring can be a difficult choice. While there may be a range of options available, finding the right ring can sometimes feel next to impossible. That’s where our bespoke service comes in.

Our Experts will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect piece from scratch. This includes dreaming up a unique design, drawing your specifications, and working with local craftsmen to create a final piece. This allows you to avail of generations of experience from highly trained professionals. Our Engagement Rings Experts allows you to get as involved as you like, whether it is being a part of each step of the design process, or giving your designer an initial brief and trusting their expertise. They can emulate a classic piece that you love or deploy a bold, modern design that represents your unique love story.

Or, if designing a new piece isn’t your thing, we can source a wealth of vintage and antique items. These can be modified as needed or may involve the repurposing of your partner’s pieces that have sentimental value – ensuring that you keep something that has true value.

If you want to learn more about our current selection of pieces or range of items, you can book an appointment to visit one of our boutiques. This will allow us to take you through all of your options and find a diamond that is perfect for your fiancée.